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Wormwood is an extremely potent herb full of power, and it has a strong connection with the spirit world. It is potent in spells for binding, exorcism and protection.

Add to charm bags, tea blends, or use as an offering. Burn as an incenses to raise you to a higher level of psychic awareness, aid in divination and clairvoyance.

Magical Uses:

  • Psychic Powers
  • Invocation of Spirit
  • Divination
  • Clairvoyance
  • Uncrossing
  • Psychic Growth
  • Protection

Latin Name: Artemisia Absinthium

Origin: Albania/Bulgaria 

Wormwood herb is also known as green ginger, absinthe, old women and southernwood. (Please note: Wormwood should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing.)

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