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The Heka Divine

Spell Jar Necklaces

Spell Jar Necklaces

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Spell Jars are a modern evolution of the historically used "Witches Bottles". Originally used for protection, they were filled with things like needles, fingernails, herbs and red wines, and buried near the hearth of the home to keep evil at bay. Modern Spell Jars are now created for a wide variety of uses and are often found prominently displayed amongst other oddities and curiosities. 

These necklaces have been hand crafted and enchanted with crystals, herbs, flowers and powders that correspond with their individual intentions. 

Featured now are our "Higher Self" Spell Jars, enchanted to help form a deeper connection to your higher self and help you live your best life! Highly recommended for those who have been questioning their current paths or want a nice energetic refresh for spring. 

Anti Anxiety and Energetic Protection are coming soon!!


Want a custom spell jar crafted and enchanted special for you? Shoot us a DM on social media or email so we can make it happen! 

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