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Moldavite is a tektite found in Czech Republic and is formed during meteorite action which produced a "strew field" of this beautiful green stone. It is one of the rarest varieties of tektite, was formed over 15 million years ago and is the only known "gem quality" stone of extra-terrestrial origin. It is also called the "Holy Grail Stone" or the "Stone of Transformation". 

Metaphysically, it is used to channel interdimensional sources, and as a catalyst for important life changes. It has a beautiful, high vibration and intense frequency. The powerful energy from this stone helps with your spiritual awakening, and offers assistance with your connection to the Divine mind. 

Moldavite is also good for magnifying the vibrations of other crystals. Healers use moldavite to assist with removing emotions and clear the aura of any undesirable energy. 

Wear it to help you release old intense or painful thoughts. 

Since it's got such an intense vibration, some users may be overstimulated working with Moldavite at first. Users have claimed feeling heat when wearing it, dizziness, or even just feel "a little off". This feeling is normal, and has been named "The Moldavite Flush". Work with this crystal slowly and take time to ensure you aren't overwhelming your auric field. This does not happen to everyone, but it does happen. 

Each one is unique in texture, color, and shape. Yours will be hand-selected for you and may differ from the photos provided. The size of these Moldavite pieces are perfect for wire-wrapped jewelry. 

Certified authentic from American International GemLab.

Pieces weigh 1.5 - 3 grams 

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