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The Heka Divine

Handmade Witches Rosaries

Handmade Witches Rosaries

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Made from ethically sourced, genuine crystal beads!

These rosaries are our staple pieces at The Heka Divine. We've taken the most care to craft these adorable full size rosaries, making sure they are a wonderful devotional tool. 

Traditionally, "The Rosary" refers to a set of prayers used in the Catholic Church, and also to the string or knots or beads that are used to count the components of the prayers. These Witches Rosaries are used in place of the traditional for any witch that does not care to carry a Christian/Catholic Cross. These rosaries are wonderful tools to help ease your meditations, keep track of your spiritual devotions or to help you count out your spells!

Crystal Combinations: 

HECATE- Lapis Lazuli/Labradorite: heartfelt energy of inner transformation, radiant clarity, a distinguished sense of wisdom, and help the user to reach a true enlightenment. 

KEMETIC- Malachite/Clear Quartz: protective and empathetic energy, promotes sense of self and spirituality, opening the heart to unconditional love, releases trauma and negativity, and helps to catalyze uplifting transformation

GODDESS- Clear Quartz/Hematite: enhance self awareness and mental clarity, encourages the user to trust their intuition, connection to higher self and spirit guides, and helps to boost psychic abilities 

DRAGON- Tigers Eye/Citrine: encourage self confidence and promote a clearer/deeper sense of self, enhance self empowerment, connection to inner power, prosperity and spirituality 


Don't see your favorite crystal combo? We offer customized options as well! Send us an email, or you can DM us on IG, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok, and let us know what you want! (Please do not pick/pay for a pre-made material choice and then ask for customized piece. Prices will very depending on the crystals you choose, so not all options will be the same price.)


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