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The Heka Divine

Goddess Rosary Mini - Lilith

Goddess Rosary Mini - Lilith

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These mini Goddess Rosaries were handcrafted as an offering to the Dark Goddess Lilith. To embrace Lilith is to embrace the power of the darkness within.

Garnet has a powerful energy for revitalizing the user. It helps to clean and energize all chakras. It symbolizes permanence and stability. This stone is one of love and passion, inspiring deep love connections and devotion. Smoky Quartz is an amazing grounding stone that helps to neutralize negative energies. It works to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting peace and calm. 

Together, these crystals offer a mystical dark goddess energy that promotes grounding, stability, stress relief and inner peace. It is an ultimate root chakra stabilizer. 

Lilith is a female figure in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology. She is known as the first wife of Adam and supposedly the primordial she-demon. In modern paganism, Lilith stands as a symbol of female empowerment, independence, freedom and sexuality. 

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