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Galangal Root Slices

Galangal Root Slices

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Galangal root is popular and most known for being used for winning a court case or legal struggle and turning a judge in your favour. It is also used in protection, hex breaking, lust, health, money and psychic powers.

Use to dispel evil entities and to break curses and remove hexes. Burn Galangal Root along with a blue candle to tip the scales of justice in your favor. Place the ashes of the burned root in a green bag to bring good luck. Place slices under your bed for love and passion.

Magical Uses:

  • Protection
  • Health
  • Money Magic
  • Psychic Powers
  • Hex Breaking
  • Justice Magic
  • Love/Lust

Latin Name: Alpinia galanga

Origin: China

Although sold with and classified with herbs, Galangal Root is actually a rhizome - a type of stem that grows underground and often sends out roots of its own. Ginger, which is related to Galangal, is another example. It is also called Galanga, Gargaut, Little John Root or Colic Root

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