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Treasure Crystals

Dendritic Agate Palm Stone

Dendritic Agate Palm Stone

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Dendritic Agate is a powerful stone that attracts magic and good luck. This stone is said to stimulate the third eye or intuition, and promote spiritual mediumship. It may also help you to connect with guides in higher realms. Some stories also claim this crystal will conjure the memories of alchemists and wizards such as Merlin, from Aurthurian times. Because of those stories, dendritic agate is also called Merlinite.

Not to be confused with Mystic Merlinite (indigo gabbro).

Colors Vary: Found in blends of white chalcedony or white quartz, black dendritic inclusions and black Psilomelane, depending on the individual stone.

Origination: Brazil

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