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The Heka Divine

Crystal Ouija Necklace

Crystal Ouija Necklace

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Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest known spiritual stones. It's been used by healers, priests, and royalty, for power, wisdom, and to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It represents universal truth, and spiritual power. Lapis quickly releases stress, allowing for peace and serenity. It also opens the Third Eye Chakra to promote spiritual journeying and tapping into personal and spiritual power. 

Blue Lace Agate is a stone for healing and enlightenment. A powerful throat healer, it assists with achieving verbal expression of the innermost thoughts and feelings. Its soothing vibration brings more love and happiness into your life and help to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

Paired together, the gentle energies synergize to help to work on speaking the highest truth while generating the confidence to do so. Wear to connect to your higher power, encourage self expression, to stimulate a tranquil energetic aura or to heal, unblock, or align the upper chakras. 

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