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Chamomile is a popular ingredient in a number of magical rituals and spell workings. In Egypt, chamomile was associated with the gods of the sun and used in in treatment of diseases like malaria, as well as in the mummification process. 

In tea blends, use for calming energies. Use as incense for sleep and meditation. Plant around your home for protection. Crush/grind the flowers and dress a black candle for banishing or a green candle for money spells. 

Magical Uses:

  • Calming
  • Healing 
  • Purification
  • Protection
  • Sleep
  • Abundance 
  • Banishing 
  • Prosperity
  • Luck 

Latin Name: Matricaria recutita

Origin: Egypt

It is also called ground apple, scented mayweed, whig plant, and maythen.

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