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The Heka Divine

2024 Full Moon Cycle Mystery Box

2024 Full Moon Cycle Mystery Box

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Welcome to my new Heka Divine Box Sets! This Box set is perfect for all the lunar lovers out there! Whether you're looking to connect with the lunar cycle, or boost your current rituals, this kit is IT! 
Each box is guaranteed to include a seasonal simmer pot kit, and ritual bath salts that pair with the energy of that moon cycle. Other magical goodies will be a mystery, intuitively chosen, but can include things like handmade oils, intentionally crafted candles, crystals, incense, or tea blends. 
Full Moon Schedule for 2024
  • Jan. 25 — Wolf Moon
  • Feb. 24 — Snow Moon
  • March 25 — Worm Moon
  • April 23 — Pink Moon
  • May 23 — Flower Moon
  • June 21 — Strawberry Moon
  • July 21 — Sturgeon Moon
  • Aug. 19 — Blue Moon
  • Sept. 17 — Corn Moon
  • Oct. 17 — Hunter’s Moon
  • Nov. 15 — Beaver Moon
  • Dec. 15 — Cold Moon

PLEASE NOTE: These boxes do not ship following the shops current shipping policy. All Full Moon Cycle Mystery Boxes will ship 10 days before the Full Moon for that month. (Ex. - Jan 2024 Boxes will ship on Jan 15th)

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