What is The Heka Divine?

What is The Heka Divine?


I am Sandy, the owner and operator of The Heka Divine, an ever growing online metaphysical shop. I opened up shop during my 26th rotation around the sun and have been working in pure bliss ever since. I practice my own "familial brand" of Mexican American folk magic, and also study brujeria and curanderismo. 

When I was young, I became bewitched by Ancient Egyptian mythology. I consumed books and tried to teach myself the art of heiroglyphs. (At one point I could draw the alphabet and never understood too much more but, cm'mon, I was eight.) Young me was convinced I would be an archeologist later in life, and I'd study tombs and their teachings. By the time I had hit high school, those dreams had changed, but the love of Ancient Egypt never left. 

I don't believe that can change in me. It was something I was born with, and now something that I can live by. See, in Ancient Egypt, magic was part of every day life. Magic blended with medicine and religion. It was one of the most important parts of the culture. That felt (and still feels) so right to me. Why shouldnt we transform the mundane into something magical? 

Heka is the deity, the concept, and the practice of magic. In personified form, he is the God of magic and of medicine. He was a divine force, empowering even the gods. Although he is not mentioned by name in many of the Egyptian stories, Heka is considered the driving force behind all magic that was done.

Despite not having a cult following, anyone who invoked magic, invoked the spirit of Heka. He is known as the first god; "He who created Himself." At The Heka Divine, we are dedicated to doing just the same. We encourage empowerment of the ka, (soul), and We create Ourselves. 

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Hi Sandy, hope all is well in your new home! I have some items in my cart that I hope you can get total and tax amount to me so I can send cash with Cari and she can bring it home. I will definitely need to discuss use of sage burning. Damn near choked to death last time they burned it in church and was quite amused when it set off fire alarm during midnight service!😂

Cherie Seymore

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